PLUCK, Pullman Hotel

The hotel’s Director of Cullinary, Chef Ajay Anand believes in the concept of “Farm to Table“. Hence, hotel has its own Herb Garden. Have a look at the colourful garden which grows seasonal vegetables including basil, peppermint, spearmint, tomatoes, cauliflour, chillies, broccoli and so much more!

PLUCK serves North Indian and European cuisine. The restaurant boasts its seasonal menu and veggies grown in the kitchen garden, which are used to prepare the dishes. One of its kind in New Delhi, the food served here doesn’t just taste fresh, it smells fresh.

PROPRE enjoyed an amazing lunch at Pluck. The food served at Pluck is uniquely delicious. Not even one dish would not impress your taste buds. Let us suggest you some of the best dishes we had here. Tradition at Pluck is that before you begin your meal, they serve these little tasty snacks.

Came along was a Lemon Sorbet, which is fresh, citric and icy!

Post the tasty tiny starters we decided to have a soup and we ordered the Chestnut and Mushroom Soup. This one is creamy and just-so-filling! With each and every sip, you’d fall more and more in love with the soup.

The bowl is brought with chestnuts, and then is the mushroom sauce poured over it. What we had is even better than what you see in the video.

Pluck has given a twist to the Classic Golgappa. Forget the Golgappas you have been having because this one is going to become your favourite. Served in the most stylish way, with a filling of caviar, this one is a true delight!

We moved to the freshest salads! Thanks to Pluck’s home grown veggies, we could smell and taste freshness; the herbs smelled so good. These weren’t the regular salads, they were way different from what you’d have anywhere.

The menu at Pluck is so-full of twists. Who can possibly imagine cannelloni stuffed with Tandoori Chicken? Pluck has it. And, its a must order for you. The fusion of the two is simply unbelievable. The two go superbly-well together.

Accompanying the former was, this grilled salmon; you can feel the fresh herbs with each bite which blend finely with the salmon and give you fine taste. The salmon is cooked to perfection

An Indian Twist is more than important to the meal, so a Gulab Jamun Creme Brûlée was a perfect dessert to end a great meal with. Crispy on the outside and delicious creme inside just made our day!

We just weren’t done because a dessert with something chocolaty seemed incomplete. Hence we also ate this stunning Hazelnut Praline.

The expert mixologist, Toppesh Chatterjee,  at Pling, the bar at Pullman Hotel; made us some amazing drinks. We kept sipping these along our delightful lunch at Pluck.

One of the most important part after the most delicious meal was Green Tea for us. You must know that Pullman Hotel houses a beautiful Tea Lounge, “Tea Del” with a wide variety of tea. This one is a must visit for all you tea lovers.

PROPre’s Experience at Pluck

Pullman Hotel boasts a restaurant which grows its own veggies: Fresh and healthy. The food here just does not tastes great, it looks stunning. Notice the way they serve the food, it will totally blow your mind. It is so unique, yet classy! The hospitality team takes care of what you want and serve you with pleasure. Chef Ajay Anand, the Executive Chef at the hotel has one of the best team; which comes together to give you an experience which cannot be forgotten with ease.

Opening Hours: 06:30-23:30

Cuisine Types: International

Highlights: Sunday Brunch at Pluck

Cost for two: INR 5000 inclusive of taxes

Address:  Asset No 02 GMR Hospitality District, New Delhi, 110037




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